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mindfully crafted in japan
​shu uemura commits to preserving japanese ​
craftsmanship and heritage, ​
continuously striving for a sustainable society​​

for 2022, shu uemura unveils a new initiative to ​
preserve japanese craftsmanship: ​​
sustainable cultivation of tsubaki oils in ​​
toshima island​
artist Nicolas Lefeuvre develops the special limited-edition bottle to showcase
shu uemura’s commitment.
red tsubaki flower petals are a metaphor for the sea surrounding the islands,
while a gold pistil at the center symbolizes toshima island

upon purchase of a limited-edition bottle of ultime8 cleansing oil,
shu uemura is donating 500 JPY to support JA toshima^ to revitalize
abandoned fields in order to save traditional tsubaki cultivation
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in spirit of mottainai,
shu uemura strives to protect the beauty of the environment across three pillars
mindful of japan resources
ultime8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil infused
with tsubaki oil which is extracted from toshima

200 thousand tsubaki trees are cultivated
across the entire island
over 300 years of craftmanship

with this donation, shu uemura is increasing the
efficiency and productivity of tsubaki to
connect such sustainable cultivation to the
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mindful of japanese craftsmanship
mr. shu uemura pursues high standards of art
and craftsmanship to make exquisite tools to
create excellent makeup finish

petal 55 foundation brush
ergonomic shape designed to be gripped easily
and comfortably

high intensity of soft hairs
to create perfect streak free complexion
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mindful of japan resources
shu uemura’s cleansing oil formula is
biodegradable3, and the bottles are made with
100% post-consumer recycled plastics4

shu uemura is collaborating with V Cycle for
Recycle Program
join us in this commitment to drive
environmental sustainability for now and future
generations to come
in order to reduce the amount of plastics usage,
our eyebrow pencil and liner etc. are refillable
1 JA toshima: Japan Agricultual Cooperatives - toshima island
2 toshima island is one of the origins for tsubaki
3 as per OECD 301 or equivalent tests
4 except pump and colorant