discover rouge unlimited kinu satin

  • silky, light weight gliding texture
    thanks to japanese tsubaki oil
  • 21 tailor-made, boldly living shades
    flattering asian skintones*
  • japanese quality crafted innovative
    bullet shape for precise application
*refers to asian women skintones.

see, touch, and smell

infused with japanese fine pigments,
the formula provides high definition,
saturated and dazzling color finish

infused with Tsubaki oil, formula provides
Intense & lasting moisturizing sensation
and comfort

the alluring aroma inspired by the hinoki cypress tree infused into the formula.
every touch releases this soothing
fragrance for a mindful moment

21 shades
tailor-made for
asian skintones

21 shades
tailor-made for
asian skintones

get your flawless
finish with unique
bullet shape

mistake-free application with
innovative bullet shape

achieve professional finish with
portable 3D lip brush

bold lips, flawless

unlimited block:
unlimited liquid: