chromatics eyeshadow palette

trendy chromatics eyeshadow palettes are specifically created to flatter as... read more
chromatics eyeshadow palette

chromatics eyeshadow palette

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trendy chromatics eyeshadow palettes are specifically created to flatter asian skintones. dare to wear on-trend shades for edgy sophisticated looks: statement eyeshadow colors are paired with selected neutral shades in perfectly curated eyeshadow palettes:

sakura nudes - composed of harmonious & delicate hues of natural clay pinks and bluish cold tone pink to elevate the nude eye makeup

sakura copper – inspired by a romantic spring evening promenade in tokyo, saturated glitters of yellow gold and metallic coppers elevate this nude palette to deliver extra-dimensional looks.

tokyo red – wear soft red eyeshadows and texture variations for a modern interpretation of this timeless color.

yuzu vibration - create your trend look with juicy yuzu yellow and gradations of urban beiges and browns.

sumi spell - express a cool and edgy twist of “nudes” with different eyeshadow textures from matte to mineral sparkle to add dimension and life to your look.

ume twist – a variation of warm berry eyeshadow shades to create your look using this clashing encounter of cool and warm shades.
each chromatics palette offers a visually attractive shade placement inspired by trend colors, and tailored by the shu uemura makeup artists. the harmonious shade combinations make it easy to create various looks with one palette. just by using the smart vertical or diagonal shade placement, you can create at least 5 must-have seasonal looks. by letting your creativity run free and combining several colors in the spirit of a makeup artist, the possibilities are endless.