eyebrow manicure

For natural eyebrow color, eyebrow manicure lets you color brow hair direct... read more
eyebrow manicure

eyebrow manicure

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For natural eyebrow color, eyebrow manicure lets you color brow hair directly with a unique double-sided brush. It's designed specifically with shorter bristles for application and longer bristles for blending, to enhance the ultimate natural look. The round comb gives a matte and fluffy finish. Available in 4 natural shades.



professional eyebrow essentials BROW EXPERTISE
natural eyebrow colour EYEBROW MANICURE
Create a soft, natural looking eyebrow
fuller brow is just a brush away. groom and define untamed brow
iconic eyebrow pencil HARD FORMULA
best selling
samurai sword shape for precision. a variety of stylish shades available
duo-tone eyebrow palette BROW: PALETTE
easy to apply and blend
this handy palette is tailored for those who look for a natural brow finish
pre-shaped eyebrow pencil BROW : SWORD
pre-set sharpener
precision with convenient brush tip. water and sweat proof formulation
eyebrow mascara BROW: COMB
pigmented 3D brow
innovative brush for easy application. creates a lasting, natural and glossy finish
the ideal brow shapes for different face shapes
a curved eyebrow shape will soften the angled face.
a thick eyebrow will help to create a natural look.
a flat eyebrow shape will make your face look more balanced.
eyebrow with high, sharp arch will enhance your look.
hair colour recommended brow pencil colour recommended brow manicure colour
sound black
02 seal brown
05 stone grey
ash brown
reddish brown
03 brown
palm beige
dark brown
06 acorn
tawny gold
light brown
07 walnut brown
honey glaze